Monday, June 28, 2010

The Horsemen

Two days ago I randomly opened my Bible for my daily reading. I opened to Zechariah. I shortly realized that I have not read Zechariah since I started my End Times study; crazy, I know. How could I have over looked this prophetic book?
Well, I have enjoyed reading it over the past two days, and now I'm buckling down to study it.
Soon, there will be more on the blog about Zechariah... but for now  I encourage you to read it yourself.

Just in the first little bit of my study I've been interested to find that Zechariah had 7 visions in all... which basically means he had the 'complete' story laid out.
He also got some information that was omitted in other places, like the direction of the Horsemen.
He didn't get what each stood for though. That makes it fun to fit the other books together with Zechariah like a puzzle.
Revelation gives us what the colors of the Horses meant, and Zechariah tells us where they went:
      Revelation 6:2... White horse = conqueror bent on conquest  Zech 6:6 White horse went towards the west. (I would say it's safe to say that the west is categorized by a quest for conquest.)
      Rev 6:4 ... red horse = taking peace from the earth, men killing men. Zechariah doesn't mention where he was going... but to my understanding, the red horse stayed right there in the middle east... Islam. (It's safe to say that the middle east  is known for war and ongoing conflict.)
      Rev 6:5... black horse with scales for weighing wheat and barley... for a day's wages... and don't spill/damage the oil and wine. Zech. 6:6 that chariot was going to the north. (I could make a joke about how the people of the north like to drink a lot... but I'm not even sure if the verse means that wine would be plentiful, or costly... I've read commentaries that say both.  There have been, and will be, famines in the north, but I'm not sure if you could say the north is 'known' for such things.  Maybe somebody with more knowledge could help me out on this one?)
Rev 6:8 Pale/dappled horse... death (disease, pestilence) Zech. 6:6 toward the south. (It's safe to say that Africa is indeed plagued with disease and death.)

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the study of Zechariah, but small doses are good. :-)