Friday, September 2, 2011

The Death of True Tolerance

"Force makes hypocrites, 'tis persuasion only that makes converts." William Penn 1675
If we look at the history of religion around the world, it's easy to assume that all have used force to "convert" people, but that's not entirely true. In Old Testament days there were many a gory battle between Jews and Gentiles, but not for the sake of  conversion. 
Many people think that the crusades of the old English times were about conversion, but that is also untrue. (They were a counter-action to the Islamic forces taking over the area).  Judaism and Christianity, though both leaders in many wars have not done so to convert people.  That would be very anti the God we believe in.  God gave us free-will and if we do not afford people the same right we have no business calling ourselves Christians or Jews.
Islam, known as the religion of the sword, is another matter entirely. The Qur'an clearly states to kill those that denounce the faith.  It also says to treat others as 'less than'. It teaches that a non-Muslim's testimony is less valuable in court, and that all non-Muslims must be subdued... by force, by false peace... by whatever means necessary.
I quoted William J. Federer on facebook yesterday saying, "Secular-Atheism is actually a temporary state, facilitating Western Civilization's transition from Judeo-Christian values to Islamic values." 
We can see how this has worked in Europe and now we are seeing the shift in America.
Federer describes how agendas are promoted in his book What Every American Needs to Know About The Qur'an, "Social agendas are promoted through media, public education, courts and buying of political office.  The first step is to deconstruct traditional values and history.  Next, education, movies and television programs portray an unacceptable social behavior in a humorous way, then progressively show that behavior in a positive light, then finally ridicule and intimidate those who oppose that behavior."
If you've lived for any amount of time watching TV you can see this clearly taking place. In my lifetime we have come around from showing gays in a humorous way, to now ridiculing those who disapprove of the gay lifestyle. We have also gone from showing the wife as the "help-mate" to the wife as the boss, and the husband as the idiotic Neanderthal, with his head between his legs.
I could go on in that direction, but that's not the point I'm trying to make.
America was founded by Christians seeking religious freedom. Many denominations of Protestantism and even Catholics all came here with tolerance of each other in mind. Now we have become a country that does not tolerate the very religion that preaches tolerance. It is idiotic to believe that if you get rid of Christianity that tolerance will still exist.  Morals are based on beliefs. Islam believes that not all men are equal, and definitely not women. Yet America is bending over backwards to make sure that Islam is welcome here.  Secular-Atheists believe in 'relativism'; "what's true for you, may not be for me", etc. But in their actions they fight God's truth with all of their efforts. Judeo-Christian morality is the only one that allows people to live in peace.
As we enter these final years we will be able to watch as our freedoms are taken away from us. We will see tolerance only for those who seek the new world order, and we will be left with no other options.  Eventually this will be the perfect scenario for Biblical predictions of things like "the mark of the beast".
I have had friends laugh at me when I talk about "slippery slopes"... but truly, that is what we are looking at.