Thursday, February 23, 2012


In response to the very convicting words, "it looks as if you have stopped writing for some time" I will answer "what's new and is there anything else that you have learned lately?"

Where to begin...

Well, how about some conspiracy theories?  How about the "accidental" burning of the Korans by the military this past week? And about the apologies given by our leadership? 
This is just a recent thing, not by any means the "big story", but it just shows me that we are playing right into the hands of Satan. Everyone knows you get riots and retaliation killings when you burn Islamic holy books. They held intelligence information, and should have been kept as evidence, but instead were burned... on accident? Odd. Sounds to me like fuel for the fire.  Then to apologize to a culture that takes apologies as a sign of weakness, again: fuel.
Radical Islamists are trying to cause chaos, they look for every opportunity. Chaos and World War will bring about the 12th Mahdi; it's what they want!

How about "identity theft"?  "Let's get the whole world so scared about it, that they'll be begging us to put micro-chips in them."

How about the Republican candidates?  "Let's offer division to the party, no one that has full support of the majority, no one that can beat Obama... let's ensure that we lose."  (Now I'm not saying people are aware of what's happening, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the Spiritual realm is sitting back well pleased with the situation.)

The coming "economic tsunami" as it was called in a news article my husband pointed out to me, will send America to its knees, and we will be enveloped into the one world government, perhaps within a year.
I imagine that the celestial turmoil coming up near the end of 2012 will be on a catastrophic level that the US will not be able to "help", and shortly there after a very "nice" man with all the answers will enter stage right and "solve" the world's problems.
Secret societies around the world composed of very rich and powerful people play with our countries like puppets on strings.
In 1999 when loaning laws changed, someone chuckled at how our banks would fall.
When the Vietnam War took 10 years to end, rich American funders of weapons to the enemy patted themselves on the back for a job well down.
As less and less labels bare the mark of "made in the USA" all the people who know America has to fall for one world government to rise, sit on the edge of their seat, knowing the end is near.
As God's laws are torn off court room walls, the puppet masters smile knowing that "all men" will soon not be seen as "created equal".

It is a wonderful and terrible time to be alive! Just think of all the prophecy we get to see fulfilled. How comforting it is to know that the end has been written. Not one "jot or tittle" will be changed.

I will have to do some reading and praying before I have a well composed blog entry, but for now I thought I'd just write some recent thoughts in answer to the comment by Vinn I received this morning.
Thanks Vinn.