Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Ketubah

I mentioned the Ketubah (Hebrew wedding contract) last time. But there is so much more about it, I thought I'd take a minute to tell you.
The Ketubah was a written document that stated the bride price, the promises of the groom, and the rights of the bride. The Bible is our Ketubah! Search it out for yourself. Verses may already be popping into your head about all of God's promises, or how we were bought with a price.
A Jewish wedding has a lot of steps.
1.Marriages were arranged by the parents. Then the bridegroom would go to the bride's house with a large sum of money, a betrothal contract, and a skin of wine.
2.The bridal price was established.
3.Bride and groom were betrothed (legally bound without living together).
4.The Ketubah was written up.
5.The bride gave her consent.
6.Gifts were given to the bride.
7.The bride would go in the Mikvah (water immersion chamber). A ceremonial act of separation showing her  going from a former way to a new way.
8.A toast, and then the bridegroom would say, "I will go to my father's house and prepare a place for you."
9.After being gone for however long it took to add on to his father's house, (the father would say when it was ready.) The bridegroom returned... with a forerunner going a bit faster in front of him shouting "Behold the bridegroom comes" and blowing the shofar (rams horn). This was typically done at night.
10.The bridegroom would abduct his bride and take her to the bridal chamber where the marriage was consummated.
11. Finally there was a marriage supper for all invited.

Here are a few verses that deal with how this applies to us.
Gen 24:53-58, 1Cor. 6:20, 1Pet 1:18-19, john 14:1-4, mark 25:6-7, Isa 62:5-7, Rev 19:7-9, Matt 22:1-11, and luke 14:16-24.

It's easy to see that "Ha Kiddushin/ Nesuin" (Rosh Hashana) falls in line with what we know will happen with the rapture of the church (bride).