Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Trip

As you may know, I just got home from a trip to Israel and Jordan.
I thought I'd share a little with you as it pertains to our subject.
One of our first stops was to Petra in Jordan. Petra is in biblical Edom... from the descendants of Esau. It's a truly awesome place that should be visited if you are ever on that side of the world. Petra (by other names) is the third most mentioned place in the Bible. One of it's mentions in as a place of refuge for the Jews during the last 3 1/2 years of the Great Tribulation. (Rev 12:14, among others... maybe we'll go into those another day.)
One of the other sites mentioned as an End Times place is the valley of Megiddo (or Armageddon).  We visited Tel Megiddo that overlooked the valley. Numerous battles have been fought here, but we know that the last battle will not be a battle at all. The armies of the world may gather to make war, but Jesus will be victorious with just a word from his mouth.
Because of my interests, These three sites were what I was most looking forward to, and what I most enjoyed.
The last of my three favorite sites was the Mount of Olives. (A better picture would've been from the opposite side of the mount , but when you're on it, you only get a glimpse, and I never got a good shot from the bus.) Our Jewish tour guide mentioned that it is a common belief among Jews that when the Messiah comes, the mount will be split in two and the souls from the graves will be brought to life and will enter into Jerusalem and to the temple.  I almost piped up and said, "Yeah, we believe that too, only it will be His second coming, not His first."
The Mount of Olives is where Jesus' feet will first touch the earth at His second coming. It is overwhelming to see the mass amounts of graves covering the hill. What an awesome depiction of His resurrection power to have multitudes join Him in His grand entrance!