Saturday, February 27, 2010

Setting Dates

Daniel 7:22 The angel explains to Daniel, 'The fourth beast is a fourth kingdom that will appear on earth. It will be different from all the other kingdoms and will devour the whole earth, trampling it down and crushing it.'
Daniel 7: 26-27 "But the court will sit, and his power will be taken away and completely destroyed forever. Then the sovereignty, power and greatness of the kingdoms under the whole heaven will be handed over to the saints, the people of the Most High. His kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom, and all rulers will worship and obey him."
...referring to "the court" most likely is referring to the time around Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur/ The Day of Atonement. In Jewish tradition the heavenly court is opened on Rosh Hashanah and closed on Yom Kippur.
The judgment of the Anti-Christ will be sealed after the rapture (on Rosh Hashanah) on The Day of Atonement. His sentence will be carried out as Christ followed by His army of saints come back to earth that same month. The Feast of Tabernacles is when Christ begins his millennial reign.
In my "setting dates", I claim that the actual time of the feasts will be the actual time of these events.


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