Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Manna-fest show

Just a quicky..
I Went to the Perry Stone site, as recommended by one of the blog readers.
The episode that's on his page today is about the 153 fish in the net. (John 21)
He had some very interesting things to say. (I think I like him.;-).)
Basically the 153 fish represent the 153 nations that will be in the world at the end of time (before the millennium). (There are more now, but we know from prophesy that 3 nations from the middle east will come together and then of course there will be the ten nation beast empire.) Any body know how many there are now?
The other things I learned from his talk was that the Hebrew people don't eat cat fish cause it's not Kosher. They have a skin on them that doesn't let them release the toxins like fish with gills can. So that's why there was a separating of the good and "bad" fish.
Even in that there is a big message.
But in addition to that message, the type of net used in the story has significance too.  It was a large net that required many men to pull it in. If they didn't work in harmony to pull it in, It wouldn't work right. Perry talked about the church body working together, and how when we are not harmonious, we loose "fish".